Register as a ReadytoWork user

Become part of the ReadytoWork initiative by registering as a ReadytoWork user. Users are able to access the ReadytoWork learning content and resources relevant to their user profiles.

You may register as a young person, a Barclays colleague or an external facilitator. Select one user type that best describes you from the user selection shown below by clicking on it. You will be asked to complete a simple registration process by providing information relevant to your user profile.

If you have already registered as a ReadytoWork user, please log in by selecting the “Log in” button at the top right hand side of your screen.

Young people

Young people who are scholars or students and want to access ReadytoWork resources and learning material.

Barclays colleagues

Employees of the Barclays Africa Group Limited who are registering as ReadytoWork volunteers.

External facilitators

Facilitators / educators / individuals who want to support and enable young people to get ReadytoWork.